Vincent Moon and Priscilla Telmon


Unus Mundus is a multi-screen installation exploring the world of sacred music and rituals - composed of more than 100 films shot by Vincent Moon and Priscilla Telmon for their Collection Petites Planètes, made over the past ten years, away from the classical forms of cinema production and distribution, and always published under an open-source licence.

Documenting trance ceremonies and spiritual gatherings in many parts of the world - from Sufi rituals in Chechnya to shamanic plant uses in the Amazon, from Ethiopian church chants to Javanese popular trances - the installation is made to create another type of relationship for the viewer with such extreme celebrations of faith and transcendance - there is no beginning nor ending, the entire installation running in loop and being displayed in an alternative system of randomness - there is never any repetition, all the compositions being constantly new and creating new meanings all the time.

The name 'Unus Mundus' comes from the alchemical notion, popularized by Carl Gustav Jung, of an underlying unity in reality, from which emerges all the archetypes and which is at the core of the synchronicity. The system of the installation, based on random factors, tends to then create simple but subtle forms of synchronicities for each spectator.

Opening / Multimedia Installation
September 16, 19.00
Tbilisi Photography and Multimedia Museum