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22 Jun 2021

Announcing Prince Claus Fund Partnership Network Grant Program 2021

5 women photographers have been selected for the Grant Program - “Isolated communities: New Narratives, New Ways of Being and Living”. 

The grantees 2021 are:

Tahia Farhin Haque (Bangladesh)
Chingrimi Shimray (India)
Deepti Asthana (India)
Atefe Moeini (Iran)
Charinthorn Rachurutchata (Thailand)


The program mentored by Turkish photographer - Emin Özmen/Magnum Photos and freelance photography editor, educator, curator - Cloé Kerhoas. 

The grant program supports the production of photo stories exploring what local communities from different countries can tell us about the most challenging issues of modernity.

In the frame of the project each grantee will benefit from 5 months of individual online tutorial provided by the mentors of the grant program and series of webinars by international artists and curators.

The grant program is funded by the Prince Claus Fund within the Partnership Network Grant program 2021and implemented by Tbilisi Photo Festival (TPF) in partnership with Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum (TPMM).

After finalizing the photo story/project, each granted participant produces the slideshow of the story/project that will become a part of TPMM’s PHEI multimedia archives - i-mediatheque, that has free access and international visibility.



Cover image © Emin Özmen/Magnum Photos. Like every day since weeks, Kurdish Syrian refugees wait near the Turkish-Syrian border their families remained in Kobani. Suruc. Turkey.  september 2014.