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13 Sep 2020

I_Residency: Projects created by female artists duos during isolation

"Rose petals are thrown from above, the yellowish sky is full with sorrow"

Rajden Gvetadze


Text/Photographs: Anna Dziapshipa
Multimedia: Thea Gvetadze


Anna Dziapshipa

Discovering different places is a form of pleasure, but reading such places is a privilege. Thea Gveradze tells us „bried summery“ through video stories, while Anna Dziapshipa offers the inscription found on the streets out of context.

Complete Project

Thea Gvetadze

I live constantly in a state of the creative process, the work process becomes more intense as i change my working space. It gives me great pleasure to capture constant visual events, neverending around me. I often change my whereabouts, or I can say I travel often. I travel inside my own apartment, to my balcony, In my street and sometimes even further. The momentary crossings with strangers imprints on me like a painful love. Suddenly I immerse myself into their fate, the trajectory of myself changes, still shot changes, and their fate follows me like the train of a dress. It’s my ritual, watching every evening the fullness of the world recorded on my phone during the day, I do not get tired of seeing all this again, remembering the exact moment in a given space, when we met and fixed each other.


I_Residency (inside, isolation residency) project was created in partnership with the Tbilisi Photography and MultimediaMuseum and Tbilisi Photo Festival with support of the UNDP and the Governmentof Sweden through the UN Joint Project for Gender Equality.