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21 May 2018

Open Call for Tbilisi Night of Photography 2018

For its 9th edition that will be held in Tbilisi in September 2018, Tbilisi Photo Festival announces for the first time an open call for artists who want to be part of this year’s NIGHT OF PHOTOGRAPHY screenings.

Night of Photography is the central event and the highlight of the Tbilisi Photo Festival, with at least 7,000 people coming each year to see some of the best images from across the globe. It is an open air night screening with up to 10 screens installed in the streets of Old Tbilisi. Night of Photography  was launched in 2010 as a Caucasian version of the Arles Photo Festival’s “La Nuit de l’Annee” (Night of the Year).  More info on the event :

Open Call is launched to select 10 best photo projects that will be featured in the official screening program of slideshows of Tbilisi Night of Photography 2018 to be held on Saturday, September 15th in Old Tbilisi.

For the screening all the selected photo projects will be edited in slideshows by Tbilisi Photo Festival team.

DESCRIPTION: Tbilisi Photo Festival is looking for interesting and creatively ambitious proposals from photographers, photo agencies, collectives  and institutions and  independent photography curators from Georgia and all around the world.

In 2018, Tbilisi Night of Photography program is going to address the question of identity and its formation in the contemporary visual environment. The Open Call for slideshow program invites the photographers that have worked and produced the photo projects on the announced theme.

Here’s a short statement defining this year’s theme of Night of Photography:


In the contemporary world, we have limitless possibilities to shape our identities. Each armed with a digital device, we construct the photographic representation of our lives, telling our stories from all kinds of places around the world. In the era of the selfie and social media, everyone has a fragmented identity. Style tribes and connections transcend borders; and categories like gender and sexuality, public and private, and social concepts of profession and nationality acquire the new kind of fluidity. In our visual representation, we no longer have to choose - we can be anything and everything, which is a source of both liberation and confusion.


The Night of Photography 2018 showcases artists surveying the formation of contemporary identity and challenging its preconceptions, while ultimately asking the crucial questions:


How do we define ourselves today?


What is the image we choose to project for the outside world?


How does society see and define us?


Which of these multiple selves is actually real?



HOW TO APPLY: We would like to invite photographers, photo agencies, collectives  and institutions as well as independent photography curators  to participate in Tbilisi Night of Photography  Open Call and send us the selection of images representing the photo projects/series/bodies of work on the announced theme of this year.


The selection of images should gather up to 30 images (image size : not smaller than 768x1024 px ) representing the photo project, project  introduction text  or artist statement, the name of the photographer and the year of production of the project.  

Please DOWNLOAD a Roadmap HERE

The photo projects should be sent to:

The deadline for sending images is July 15th.

Due to the big number of applications, only selected applicant will be notified.Selected candidates will be announced on August 19th.