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18 Dec 2020

Project Completion / Grant program for female photographers “How Technology Can Improve Women’s Lives”

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the Grant program for Female Photographers - “How Technology Can  Improve Women’s Lives” funded by Prince Claus Fund within the Partnership Network Grant program.

Four months program (July-October 2020) was curated by Justyna Mielnikiewicz / photographer with MAPS and mentored by Rena Effendi, documentary photographer based in Istanbul . The project was implemented by Tbilisi Photo Festival in a partnership with Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum.

Five women photographers from Kyrgyzstan, Russia ,Turkey and Ukraine and offered an opportunity to benefit from the grant, which supported the production of photo stories exploring how technology helps women improve the lives of communities and the countries they live in. The first edition of the program in 2020 was focused on technology.

Each grantee's  produced story/project has become a part of i-mediathequean online multimedia archives platform of Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum.

Irina Unruh – I am Jamilia 

Kristina Sergeeva – Mailbox 44

Maria Zhi – Man-Made Universe

Özge Sebzeci - Searching for Gulistan #challengeaccepted

Ira Lupu – On Dreams and Screens


The Prince Claus Fund has awarded the Tbilisi Photo Festival and Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum Partnership Network Grant for a three-year period (2020-2023).

A significant portion of this grant will be applied to strengthen the work of female photographers from around the world.

Each year, the open call for female photographers will focus on a different topic and will be open to a different set of countries from which female photographers can apply.