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19 Sep 2019

The Information War: Focus on Russia

Panel discussion/screening
19 September, 18:30
Stamba, D Block Ground Floor

The Information War: Focus on Russia is a second central theme of TPF 2019 that will be a panel discussion and screening program. The panel will gather Beth Flynn, Deputy photo-editor for the New York Times; Yevhen Fedchenko, Director of Mohyla School of Journalism in Kiev and founder of StopFake in Ukraine, an investigative journalism website that specializes in fact-checking and open source investigation; Anna Shpakova, former director of Photography at Ogoniok and RIA Novosti; and Georgian open source analyst Eto Buziashvili, from the Atlantic Council, who will present the Open Source Investigation on Georgian Occupation.


The experts will share their experiences on how they combine fact-checking with open source information to create reports on various news items. Special focus will be given to Russia, Georgia and Ukraine, as the Kremlin’s disinformation campaign has been a major war tool against these two countries. The screening program will also feature Selfie Soldiers: Russia Checks Into Ukraine a documentary by Simon Ostrovsky that traces the Russian soldiers social media accounts to prove that they were fighting in Ukraine.