Weronika Gesicka


Seeing smiles of the photography heroes, we ourselves smile. Convinced that the presented situation is an idyllic family portrait. In just a moment, we begin to realize that the picture is not as it seemed a minute ago. Was it the same before getting into her art studio? She is attracted to American photography from the 1950s and 1960s, featuring happy families, couples in love, funny and cheerful party mates. Probably the vast majority of these scenes were staged to duplicate and confirm the American myth in which everything goes smoothly, the flawless reality creates smiling faces and perfect relationships. Thanks to the effective digital processing, Weronika Gesicka creates confusion. Not only does she cast doubt on the presented scenes, but also asks us – viewers, about family relationships or their absence, about identity, loneliness and needs – regardless of the time and place in which we live. In her works we see the world and ourselves, as in a crooked mirror.

The kaleidoscope of wonderful scenes completes part of the Collection of eloquent objects. Everyday items, embodied by Gesicka, originated from her inspiration and her own experience. For the viewer, however, they are impersonal, and due to this, it creates a universal struggle with different types of stereotypes, phobias, fears and fetishes. One can not look at the works of Weronika Gesicka dispassionately. We smile again. Gesicka amuses us with her visual efficiency – extremely accurate photomontage and carefully processed objects. Forsaking us with reflection, it provokes us to set ourselves in her story.

Works presented at the exhibition come from the following cycles: Traces (2015-2018) and Collection (2018-2019). –°urators of the exhibition Maga Cwielukh, Katarzyna Sagatowska.

September 15 - October 15 
G. Leonidze Literature Museum