IDENTITIES focuses on the traditions of representation of identity in the photographic image and will gather 10 exhibitions :

Studio Suhag by Suresh Punjabi and curated by Pr. Cristopher Pinney (India)  

In Front of the White Screen 1987,  Viats Luckus (Lithuania)

Taliban – from the collection  of Thomas Dworzak/Magnum (Afghanistan)

Shalva Alkhanaidze – Portraits of Tushetian Women  (Georgia)

Couples in Iranian Photo Studio, Collection of Shadi Ghadirian (Iran)

Fashion Photography in Eastern Germany of Stasi period  and pop up polaroid photo studioby (Germany)

Wearing Swimming Suits in Soviet period, collection of Guram Tsibakhashvili (Georgia)

Butterfly by Mariam Sahinyan - First Turkish Women photographer  (Turkey)

Georgian Fashion Magazines from early 60s, collection of National Parliamentary Library  of Georgia

Iranian Fashion Magazines of before Islamic revolution (iran)

Fotomatiane by Geocell and Georgian Parliamentary National Library