The Sounds of Noor

Open Air Live Musical and Audiovisual Event/Slideshow of Photographic works of Noor photographers performed by composer and sound designer Jose Bautista

The Sound of Noor - Open Air Live Musical and Audiovisual Event  performed by composer, sound designer  and multimedia producer Jose Bautista featured  the works of Noor  Agency photographers who all over the world have documented the violation of the human rights.  

On the program of Tbilisi Photo Festival 2013 entirely focused on the  human rights  will be Yuri Kozyrev’s On the Revolution Road17 Milagroso, Forced Identity - Transsexuals in Honduras by Pep Bonet; Black Passport, by Stanley Greene; Katrina Diaspora, by Kadir van Lohuizen; A Million Shillings, by Alixandra Fazzina as well as the works of Francesco Zizzola, Nina Berman and Jon Lowenstein.