Photo Workshop for Persons with Disabilities

Photo Workshop for Persons with Disabilities Mentored by Rimaldas Viksraitis

Tbilisi Photo Festival organised first ever photo workshop in Georgia for the persons with desabiltiies. The 3 days workshop was mentored by award winning Lithuanian photographer - Rimaldas Viksraitis. 
The inclusive group of photo workshop gathered persons with different desabilities as well as the mater, emerging and renowened georgian photographers.
The workshop was held in Tbilisi and outside of the capital - the shooting session took also  place in Eastern Georgia - in Kakheti.
The workshop consisted in shooting sessions (first 2 days)  and final editing session  (third day ) followed by slideshow of the images of each participant of the workshop. 
The slideshow was commented by the mentor of the workshop Rimaldas Viksraitis. 

The final slideshow was held in Frontline Club Georgia.