Grégoire Eloy

The Bird's Nesters


“They were used to search, to rummage, to spy out hidden things. They were in the habit of peeping into holes; why not into this hole? Hunting is exciting. Looking into birds’ nests perhaps gives an itch for looking a little into a nest of ghosts. A rummage in the dark regions. Why not?”
Victor Hugo, Les Déniquoiseaux (The Birds’ Nesters), Toilers of the Sea.

“I want to walk the same trails repeatedly along the coast, to get to know every rock, every tree, every root, I want to know where the wind blows, to see the light piercing at dawn or going down at night, I want to immerse myself in the water to discover what lies beneath, how the wave is crashing, what it means to be on an island, I want to make the island a familiar place, to exhaust the landscape.”
Grégoire Eloy

Images made in Guernsey, Herm, Sark and Alderney between September 2016 and June 2018 as part of the Artist in Residence Program of the Guernsey Photography Festival and Gatehouse Gallery, with financial support by Guernsey Museums and Art Gallery, and the Guernsey Arts Commission. As part of the exhibition will be shown Dear FairYs. An artist book available in 59 copies, designed by French graphic designer Florian Brennemann. It is a puzzle made of 125 folded and bound A3 pages which can unfold into a 17m long exhibition.

September 15 - October 15
G. Leonidze Literature Museum 8 G. Chanturia Str.