Pep Bonet -All Imperfect Things-Brazil's Transsexuals

Transgression II:

Transgender political activism in Brazil began in the 1990’s, around the same time the country’s economic growth took off.


Despite the rapid developments on many levels, the country still suffers from high levels of corruption, violent crime, poverty, as well as a lack of public acceptance and legal rights of transgender people.


Transgender political activism was a late development in Brazil, where it started as a result of the AIDS epidemic. Out of lack of opportunities, many transgenders turn to prostitution, a price they pay for choosing to transform.


In Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza, Pep Bonet documented the lives inside the transvestite communities, in his on-going project on this topic where he previously documented transgenders in Honduras.


This story is part of NOOR group project “The New Brazil