Viviane Sassen In and Out Fashion

Viviane Sassen In and Out Fashion

Viviane Sassen's daring and idiosyncratic approach to fashion photography is creating... an axis shift in the genre. Her images are complex, unexpected and breathtaking, and they are many conceptual leaps away from the mainstay approaches to fashion that have dominated the 21st century so far...

The core of the magic of Sassen's fashion imagery is her deep understanding and constantly experimental use of the way in which photography both asserts and transforms its subjects. To a significant degree, Sassen is a master of unreconstructed modernist formalist photographic devices. You feel this in her interplays of two- and three-dimensional pictorial space within an image and her playful utilisation of photography's wonderful inability to efficiently record scale or simulate human vision. In her hands, photography is the tool of intelligent, gorgeous subversion...

Extract from In and out of FashionBright Star by Charlotte Cotton.