Magic Carpets

Giorgi Shengelia


My trip to Mountainous Adjara turned out to be so profound that it is hard for me to gather the emotions I felt when I was there. People in Vaio are warm and humble, I have never seen such hospitality anywhere in Georgia. Every day I met a new family and agreed on a photoshoot. I was happy to talk with them. When I came to Vaio for the second time, I realized that I knew 80% of the locals. I tried to capture as much as possible and listen carefully to those who I photographed - people and the environment became my main focus.

It is especially pleasant when the relationships continue beyond photography - when I wasn't in Vaio, local kids would write to me on social networks, and from time to time adults would call me on the phone - I've never had such an experience within the framework of any project. All this prompts me to independently continue observing and capturing this village - I unintentionally and rightfully fell in love with it.


Medium: Digital photography

Vaio, Keda, August 2023