Workshop on Photo Book Production with

Jeroen Kummer

14 September - 15 September

For its 10th edition, Tbilisi Photo Festival launches a 2 days intensive workshop on Photo Book production mentored by Jeroen Kummer – co founder and creative director of renowned Dutch design company - Kummer & Herrman/K&H .  

The workshop intends for photographers who are ready to transition their work to book form. This workshop will challenge participants to think about how to tell their photographic story in the most convincing and effective way. Participants will work with Jeroen Kummer on ways to develop their work and strategize on what materials, typography, and design elements are necessary for their project.

K&H, established in 1998, has developed into a multidisciplinary office with expertise in print, spatial, and interactive design. Over the years K&H has built long-standing collaborations with individuals and organizations operating within the field of photography, leading to an internationally acclaimed portfolio of designs for photobooks, including Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen, 'The Sochi Project: An Atlas of War and Tourism in the Caucasus’ (Aperture, 2014); Martin Parr, 'We Love Britain!’ (Schirmer/Mosel, 2014); and Vasantha Yogananthan, 'A Myth of Two Souls' (Chose Commune, 2016–19). In 2014, Kummer & Herrman won the prestigious Dutch Design Award. 

In addition to his work at K&H, Jeroen Kummer currently teaches graphic design and storytelling at the Photography Department of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

The workshop will be held on September 14th -15th during the opening week of Tbilisi Photo Festival 2019. 

The workshop participants can also attend the events of the opening week of 10th edition of Tbilisi Photo Festival that includes the launch of Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum link on September the 16th.


Professional or amateur photographers that are ready to transition their work to book form.

Where & When

Frontline Georgia Club, 62 L. Asatiani str. Tbilisi, Georgia

14th – 15th September, 10.00-18.00


350 € includes materials, coffee breaks and lunch

As well as invitations to all events of Tbilisi Photo Festival 2019

Opening Week on September 12-21



For more information please mail Elina Valaite: 


Program & Schedule

Day 1 – Saturday 14 September 10.00 - 18.00


General workshop introduction, K&H introduction presentation focusing on the creative process (concept, design, lay-out, production), individual assignment #1: conceptualizing the work: “What is your story" followed by a group presentation and discussion 

Lunch break



Individual assignment #2: “(Re)edit your work” followed by a group presentation and discussion.


Evening: 20.00 – 03.00

Tbilisi Photo Festival 2019

Night of Photography at Mushtaidi Park. 

open air nights screening on 9 screens in Tbilisi’s oldest park.


The program of Night of Photography features the works of over 300 photographers from all over the world.


Night of Photography will open with live music concert featuring Alexandre Kordzaia aka Kordz – electronic music producer, performer and composer – one of the most outstanding figure of independent electronic music culture in Georgia.


Day 2 – Sunday 15 September 10.00 - 18.00 


“Bookshop” look- and talk through selection of photobooks brought by Jeroen and participants. K&H introduction presentation focusing on the book production process (paper, printing, binding etc.)

Lunch break 13.00-14.00


individual assignment #3: “Building your book" followed by a group presentation and discussion 



Photographs: Please bring the images you want to work with (including the “maybes”) both printed and as digital files. The photographs should be printed in a small size (10x15 cm) Please bring those same images digitally if possible.  

Deadline to apply is September the 10th.

Registration e-mail: