Sounds Of The Valley



Sounds Of The Valley: Art Residency In Pankisi


“Sounds of The Valley” is an art residency program in the Pankisi region for international and Georgian multidisciplinary artists who wish to do artistic research in Pankisi Valley and create their works about the region. The project enables the local community to be involved in artistic researches together with the invited artists to help create new interdisciplinary narratives and stories regarding the community's visual cultural legacy and artistic heritage.

Selected artists, Diana Tamane, Tamar Kalandadze, and Ben Wheelerwill be living in Pankisi Valley for 3 weeks in order to produce sound projects/installations, photo stories or video work, multimedia projects, curatorial research on vernacular photography archives, and family albums preserved by the local community. 

The curator of the project is Ana Gabelaia.

The residency is funded by "MagiC Carpets" - a Creative Europe platform.

“MagiC Carpets” platform is an opportunity for cultural organizations to engage in artist residencies and collaborate with other European organizations specifically in the field of artist development, participating in carefully designed international mobility schemes, opening new opportunities for exchange, learning, and creation. The platform also offers the possibility to show and boost the careers of emerging talents abroad and provides a great chance to develop artists locally as they are able to collaborate with other artists brought together through the partnership. The diversity of platform members gives a possibility to explore different cultural fields across Europe and initiate more transdisciplinary activities.

“MagiC Carpets” unites 20 cultural organizations from EU and candidate countries, and is intended for traveling emerging artists to work in a socially engaged and responsible art field (visual art, public art, community art, exhibitions, performances, documentary theatre, online art, etc.) to research and to implement new productions together with local artists and local communities.

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