TBILISI PHOTO FESTIVAL is launching a new Masterclass series

For its 8th edition, Tbilisi Photo Festival partners with Atlas Global to hold its Original Masterclass workshop in the remote village of Shenako, 2000 meters high in the Greater Caucasus mountain range. This awe-inspiring hamlet of shepherds and horsemen was chosen for its breathtaking landscape and its photographic legacy in the name of Shalva Alkhanaidze, whose brilliant mid-20th century images of Tushetian life reveal a world of raw passion and somber frankness. The Masterclass aims both to help photographers develop a personal photographic language and to discover Georgia by exploring one of its most enchanting regions.

This year, Tbilisi Photo Festival has invited Justyna Mielnikiewicz and Yuri Kozyrev/Noor Images, two internationally-acclaimed photographers to conduct the Masterclass workshop. Both share a keen ability to communicate their profound knowledge of photography with others and are intimately familiar with Georgia.

IN THE FRAME OF PARTNERSHIP WITH ATLASGLOBAL - 30% ON AIR TICKETS for Masterclass participants flying from European cities to Tbilisi

-10% discount on masterclass price for participants that register before May 15th