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06 Sep 2021


In 2020 Tbilisi Photo Festival has joined the FUTURES - Europe base photography platform co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union. Futures bring together the global photography community to support and nurture the professional development of emerging artists across the world.

In order to create new artistic and educational opportunities for the Futures Talents - the photographers that are part of Futures platform — Tbilisi Photo Festival launches a series of digital and physical actions - screenings, talks, portfolio reviews, photo book exhibition, series of articles and podcasts. 

In collaboration with 5 invited international experts of the field of photography - Tania Bohorquez (artists, curator/Mexico), Sabiha Cinem (photographer/Magnum Photos, Turkey), Justyna Mielnikiewicz (photographer/MAPS, Georgia-Poland), Christine Ollier (Artistic Director/Les Champs Impossible, France), Pauline Vermar-Lesser (Cultural Director/Magnum Photos, NYC) - 25 artists out of 69 united by the Futures platform, have been selected to take part in planned activities of Tbilisi Photo Festival. 

Selected 25 Futures talents are: 

Lars Dyrendom
Josephina Van de Water
Pascual Rosales
Clare Lyons
Celine Croze
Kamel Moussa
Lucas Leffler
Kincső BEDE
Younes Mohammed
Julie Glassberg
Joud Toamah
Michiel De Cleene
Eniko Hodosy
Leonardo Magrelli
Romain Bagnard
Arguiñe Escando
Emily Graham
Eleni Onasoglou
Ugo Woatzi
Bogdan Shirokov
Mark Duffy
Youqine Lefèvre
Dirk Hardy
Giulia Parlato
Bebe Blanco Agterberg






Pauline Vermare "Japanese Women Photographers: On representation and self-representation"

Tania Bohórquez “On Representation: Traits Of Violence(s) In Mexico” Eleven Contemporary Women Photographers