Magic Carpets

Nestan Abdushelishvili

Small Village Museums

As it was my first time in Mountainous Adjara, the biggest and the most valuable impression for me was the landscapes, very solid and firm in design but extremely calming and poetic at the same time. Even though I would shoot them every morning and evening, like a ritual, I ended up focusing on different subjects. During my stay, I visited different villages and met different people, whom I would visit at home and work - at tobacco farms, wineries, schools and cultural centers. Local museums developed a particular interest in me - both, visually and concept-wise. I would visit different museums and observe their daily life. I have documented numerous works from museums, - i.e. handmade objects, collected items, photo albums etc. It is almost surreal how local people, fully dependent on their enthusiasm, and completely lacking institutional benefits, preserve, interpret, and present their heritage to the viewers.


Medium: Digital photography

Vaio, Keda. April 2023